Code of Conduct

LOOKB4 Code Of Conduct

LOOKB4 is for people who are looking for true, honest interactions. These guidelines, along with our Terms of Service, are designed to build a community of passionate users and curious people. We’re trying to build a space for great conversations and here is how we want to do that:
Be Good

Be Honest – Only advocate for products you own, and try to be clear if you are being biased

Be Civil – We’re building a community so be kind, honest, and respectful

Be Focused – We’re also purpose driven, so please ask and answer questions to get the information you need or is needed

Don’t Be Bad

Don’t Promote unless you mean it – As a part of our mission, if you are a being compensated for your advocacy, you may be asked to leave the community

Don’t Make it Weird – Inappropriate behaviour is not a part of our community, and if you violate this, you will be asked to leave the community

Don’t cut us out – if you want to make a purchase, please help us by clicking the affiliate links, it will help us build the business.

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