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Choosing an Epic Surfski or Kayak can be a daunting decision. Together, we can make it easier for others.

LOOKB4 is inviting regular users of Epic products to share honest opinions and stories with current shoppers in quick 1:1 video calls. 

Simply share what you think of a product, based on your experience with it, without any sales spin. Earn rewards for your helpfulness, not selling!

Help those wanting to live the Epic life

Days spent paddling are some of the best to be had. It’s no wonder so many people are actively looking for Epic products that meet their needs. But there’s only so much a product page or sales rep can tell you. And the wrong choice could mean a lot more time spent in the water rather than on it!

We think many more shoppers will be able to make that final decision with confidence having first heard from a real person (hopefully you) who owns and regularly uses the specific Epic product(s) they’re considering buying. That’s the LOOKB4 difference.



You can be an Advocate if you own and/or frequently use an Epic product, and you don’t mind giving perfect strangers your honest take on things!



Lookers don’t get to shop Epic every day and want to pick the right products for them. You might also be a Looker for Epic kit you don’t yet own!

How to get started on LOOKB4

LOOKB4 makes it super easy to start earning rewards just for chatting to people about products you know and use. Here’s a quick step-by-step guide:


Create your profile

Set up an account, select all the Epic products you own and/or frequently use, and set your available times (which can always be changed). Calls can then be scheduled for you.


Take video calls

At the scheduled time, take your semi-anonymous video call with a Looker (swapping first names only). To protect your privacy, we don’t share any other contact info on your behalf.


Earn your rewards

You earn points for all kinds of helpful actions; especially taking calls. Never for ‘closing a sale’. Your points can be redeemed for popular gift cards and exclusive brand offers.

Share your love of Epic paddling with others

LOOKB4 is all about sharing your honest experiences with other passionate paddlers, or those looking to get into the sport you love. 

Help them find a new joy with the right product, and/or avoid a costly mistake they might regret! No one is on LOOKB4 just to ‘sell’ anything.

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