It sucks to be you… the rise of the robot vacuum

By Anthony Dean, Founder

What excites you about home automation?

I saw this YouTube video the other day where a guy was speaking about all the exciting new tech now available for our homes. A fridge with a screen on the front, so you don’t have to open the door to see if you are out of milk. A doorbell camera to see, from your phone, when a package is dropped off or know who is at your door when you are on the toilet. Voice control routines that lower the blinds, turn up the aircon, and turn on the lights. Smart homes for smart people the guy said at the end of the video… hmm? 

For me, it isn’t about being able to lower my blinds with a voice command or watch my front door from the throne. What I think is really exciting are the advances that lessen the mundane tasks or give me back time on my weekends.

I don’t know about you but I hate vacuuming, it sucks (pun intended)! It is one of those necessary evils that just has to be done. Normally, in my house, it is done on the weekend, when the sun is shining, the beer gardens are calling or the footy is just about to come on… I’m not the only one who hates it, my dog Roxy can’t stand it when the noisy old vacuum is dragged out.

But now there are rather advanced robotic vacuums that can do it all for you! Silently cruising around the floor and even getting under the bed, all without disturbing Roxy. These little machines have come a long way in a short amount of time and they just keep getting better and better.

The first generation of robot vacuums were pretty basic. They would move around randomly, bumping into furniture and walls, until they eventually covered the entire floor area. While this was helpful, it wasn’t exactly efficient.

The next generation addressed this issue by adding sensors that allowed them to map out the room and plan more efficient cleaning paths. Some even had special modes for cleaning under furniture and along walls.

The latest generation of robot vacuums are taking things even further, with features like self-emptying dustbins, mopping capabilities, and advanced navigation systems that allow them to clean multiple rooms without getting lost.

These advancements however have also meant that the typical price tag for these little helpers has ticked over from the high hundreds into the thousands. I had a look at one the other day, which seemed to do everything that I wanted and then some; but at close to $3,000, it’s not a decision I’m going to make until I have the answers to all of my specific questions!

Are they really worth the money? How much should I spend? Do I need to get more than one if I have a big house of more than one level? Are there features I need to have and others that I can do without? Fortunately, LOOKB4 can help me get the answers to all of my questions by connecting me with real people who own and use the products I’m looking at. People who aren’t selling, just happy to chat.

Check out the current product range on LOOKB4 to see all the robotic vacuums available now and click on Talk to an Advocate when you’re ready to learn more. You’ll then be connected to a fellow LOOKB4 user for a helpful one-on-one video call to have all of your own questions answered!

If we shoppers stick together, I know we can survive and thrive in the robot age!

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