LOOKB4 is live on the App Store and Google Play


It’s a huge day at LOOKB4 HQ as we announce the launch of our mobile app for iOS and Android!

We’ve gone live with a focus on paddle sports, which is a community close to our hearts and an ideal beachhead 😅 market for us! So if you’re in the market for a new surfski, stand up paddle board, kayak or canoe – well, we’re ready for you!


How to shop with confidence on LOOKB4

Lookers (shoppers) can now find and compare products on the LOOKB4 app, book one-on-one Advocate video calls and earn reward points along the way.

And, of course, if your Advocate calls help you make a final decision – you can also buy directly from product stockists via the LOOKB4 app.

This is a whole new way to shop online for bigger-ticket items, where orders start with trusted conversations between real people with shared passions.

On the other hand, if LOOKB4 helps you avoid a purchase that was never going to be right for you – that’s also ‘job done’ in our books!

As we grow, we’ll be progressively unlocking more products and categories every week.

The focus will remain on bigger-ticket items for which written reviews, Star Ratings and unboxing videos just aren’t enough to shop online with real confidence.

What’s missing?

The ability to speak one-on-one with a regular user of the product you’re looking at! Someone who isn’t selling.

That’s the LOOKB4 difference.


How to help others shop with confidence on LOOKB4

On the flipside, passionate product owners/users can nominate the product(s) they can speak honestly about from real experience.

We want to ensure call requests are fulfilled quickly for Lookers, so – as of this month – we are kicking off a major Advocate recruitment drive.

Be sure to join us and help spread the word through your communities so that everyone knows a better way has arrived.

Advocates earn reward points for useful contributions to the community like taking calls, adding product use photos or videos and introducing friends to LOOKB4 (everything except making a sale). There’s no incentive for Advocates to talk up a product or encourage Lookers to buy – ever. This is a central point of difference and why we think LOOKB4 will become a leading source of trusted, peer-to-peer advice.

Remember you can always join as a Looker and an Advocate – you may own a certain product and be willing to speak with people about it, whilst simultaneously shopping for something new… You can give your honest thoughts about your Epic V8 surfski while asking other paddlers about the downwind performance of the new Vega Flex… Guide and be guided, what a great way to boost your points balance!


What to do with all those reward points

As you build up your points balance by being an awesome community member, you’ll have the option of redeeming points for popular gift cards and products from brands that you love like Patagonia, Helly Hansen and Vaikobi.

The idea here is that you can double down on that passion of yours and invest in some of the latest gear from brands within your community. 

In the not so distant future, LOOKB4 users will unlock exclusive brand rewards such as product accessories, upgrades, repairs and “behind-the-scenes” content or events.


Send us all your love, feedback and ideas

We’re buzzing over here as this milestone represents a lot of hard work and dedication by the LOOKB4 team and our partners over the past few months… We can’t wait for you to have a play and tell us what you think too.

LOOKB4 was built with passionate communities in mind, so we want to hear from you every step of the way. As you discover things that could be serving you better, be sure to let us know so we can continuously improve. Click here for support resources.

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